Six Types of Fall Protection Systems

Occupational Safety and Health Administration, demands that every employee needs to secure their employees with fall protection equipment. A fall protection system prevents a worker from falling. It places a barrier such as net to help the site worker land safely. Here are different types of fall protection systems.

Use Body Belts
Body belts can reduce the risk of falling. Construction workers working in hazardous positions should definitely have them. It is imperative to note that body belts cannot be used as fall arrest equipment. Purchase body belts from a reputable firm. Their use is highly recommended by OSHA.

Chest Harnesses will Help
Chest harnesses cannot be used in all situations. OSHA recommends that they should be used in an environment with reduced fall threat. Consider using them in areas that lack vertical free fall. You cannot use them as fall arrest systems also. Despite their numerous advantages, you cannot use them to pull some from a narrow space or a tank. Read more about  safety guard rails

Full Body Harnesses are Essential
Full body harnesses can be used as a preventive measure. They hold the full body in position while protecting a site worker from toppling. OSHA demands that workers who are in dangerous position harness themselves with one. Of all the equipment, full body harnesses are more efficient in restricting free fall.

Suspension Belts Aid in Positioning
Workers need to adjust their position as they work. Changing position in certain heights can be hazardous. This is why OSHA asks every employer to get suspension belts for their construction workers. Apart from supporting your employees, suspension belts will allow them to change their position vertically. They will also come in handy when performing tasks that require a hanging position.

Rope Lanyards
Rope lanyards are used as restraints. They are efficient because of their elastic nature. When purchasing, do a thorough inspection. Look out for any torn fiber. You can buy positioning lanyards or specialty material lanyards according to your needs. More info on  safety railing systems here

Consider Buying Rope Grabs
Rope grabs are also used as fall protection systems. They minimize the impact of a fall. Several site workers use them as deceleration devices on moving lifelines. Rope grabs will allow your workers to move up or descend with ease.

In conclusion, always choose a system that will serve you best. Always remember that the safety of your workers comes first. Make sure you purchase fall protection equipment from a trusted supplier.